Fully Assembled, Functional, Durable & Beautiful!

"Live and Grow" with Patriot Greenhouse!

Backyard Greenhouses

Patriot greenhouse builds custom, fully assembled, greenhouses including a built in floor. No anchoring  tethers necessary! We use the best polycarbonate on the market for the windows and ceiling. Fully customizable colors, windows, benches, etc.


The increase in the cost of fresh foods and vegetables is frightening. The ever-growing scarcity of produce and supply chain problems, have more people than ever wanting to control some of their own food production.

Patriotgreenhouse will increase your ability to grow your own foods!

This also provides peace of mind because you will know the type of seeds and the kind of soil it was grown in. Most importantly, you will know what chemicals were used to produce the foods that you consume.


Not all home greenhouses are the same. Most come from aluminum kits that you are supposed to build yourself. This exposes many problems. First, where to put it and on what kind of foundation? Most kits do not have a floor, so they are set in place and need to be tethered into the ground so as to not shift or blow over. If not planned out well, these tethers (ropes/cables) can be a nuisance to the landscape. Also, gutters should be added to remove the rainfall, so that you are not working in soggy conditions.

Putting a greenhouse together can be a challenge. Not everyone is comfortable installing a roof on a ladder, or for that matter squaring the foundation. Most kits are aluminum and medium grade polycarbonate. This polycarbonate can yellow over time, and thus the structure becomes unsightly. That is if you were able to properly follow the instructions and successfully build the structure in the First place (No easy task)!

The bottom line is many people spend a lot of time and money on structures that become unsightly, don't function well, and don't last.

Many of these greenhouses are taken down, sometimes not many seasons after being installed in the first place.

The Better Model

Patriot Greenhouse is introducing a better model. One that delivers a fully assembled greenhouse, ready to use. A greenhouse that functions well, lasts a long time, and is attractive, actually enhancing your property rather than degrading it.


What We Are Offering

Patriot Greenhouse offers buildings using different woods. The "Patriot" model uses a combination of treated and non-treated lumber. The "Legacy" model in made from Western Red Cedar. Both houses are using THERMOCLEAR 15TM from Duralight Plastics for the upper walls and ceiling. Insolcorp Phase Change material is an option available in both models to help provide evening warmth. Sliding windows, gable vents, and breathable benches are also available. These help allow for proper ventilation so your greenhouse functions properly. All models are available in several colors.

Long Lasting Setup

Our objective is to build a product that will function well, last a long time, and enhance your property.