Greenhouse for Your Backyard

Patriot greenhouses use THERMOCLEAR 15TM polycarbonate (plastic glass), from Duralight Plastics. We use the 8 mm twin-wall because we believed it has the best combination of insulation yet the clear still allows  81% of the light to pass through. THERMOCLEAR 15TM polycarbonate soft light is used for the roof as it diffuses the light to avoid plant burn. Clear is used for the walls to allow the most light and visibility. Windows, benches and phase change material are also available. Models are available in 8 foot by 8 foot, 8 foot by 12 foot and coming soon 8 foot by 4 foot. The "mini" 8'x4' may be the perfect size to set on a deck or existing patio.

Backyard greenhouses being built in Cleveland, OH
wooden house frame

Phase Change Material

Patriot greenhouse is offering the use of phase change material (PCM). Namely, Templok PCM tile made by Insolcorp, these tiles capture the heat of the day and then release that energy to help keep the greenhouse warmer at night.

We Sell Complete Units

Beyond the brawny structure, the polycarbonate and the PCM, ventilation is very important. Our combination of gable vents, available windows and vented counter space provides excellent airflow, allowing plants to thrive.

Unlike most greenhouses available in today's market, our houses are NOT KITS to be built by the homeowners. These are complete units, ready to be set in place on your property. We build each unit to the desired options and colors chosen. The building process can usually be completed in two-three weeks.

racks inside house
wood paint

The Finer Details

Many outdoor structures are built using the minimum amount of lumber neccesary to function. Our structures are built to last, in some cases exceeding structural code by todays home building standards.

Many types of plastics used for walls and roofs turn yellow very quickly, have low insulation value and little strength. We have not found a product that stays clear longer, is stronger, insulates better per 8mm, or has a better warranty than our THERMOCLEAR 15.

We use a combination of anchors when building a Patriot Greenhouse. The frame, deck, walls and rafters all use varying length exterior screws. This method of fastening helps insure the structure remains square throughout the build and delivery. 

The Structure

Starting with 4 x 4 post, 2x4 frames and floor, using five-quarter soft edge decking. This helps stabilize the building, so it doesn't require tethering to hold it to the ground. Also, this raises the floor off the ground to allow water to run off under the building instead of having to work on a muddy, or messy surface.